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Little B’s The Little Prince Moment

I read the book, I ‘dig’ it, but I never truly understood Le Petit Prince.

Well, in my defense, I had never really interacted with a kid till then.

And now that I spend every waking minute with Little B – listening her words, observing her actions and seeing world from her eyes – I feel like I am watching the book unfold right in front of me.

Owl Moon book review 0

Owl Moon by Jane Yolen (Father’s Day Gift Idea)

We are a family of book lovers – Pa B is a book lover, Ma B (that’s me) is a book lover and we were trying our best that Little B would also grow up to be a book lover. Therefore, I was certain that the first gift Pa B will receive as a father would be a book. I started researching and one name kept cropping up again and again – Owl Moon by Jane Yolen.