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Durga Puja Pandal Hopping in Bangalore

We had heard it, we knew about it but we never did it ourselves. Yet, this year it seems that...

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Fishing at Lagoon at Cola – The Perfect Untouched Beach in Goa

When Mr B and I moved in together after our marriage, we brought nobody with us except ourselves. He was...

Aero Show 2015 1

Let’s Fly, Fly Away! Ma and Little B’s Adventure at Aero India 2015

Ma and Little B’s adventure at the Aero India 2015 were originally published in as What Did My 4-year-old Daughter...

Places to Visit in Hampi 0

Impressions – Places to Visit in Hampi

Vittala Temple This is the temple of the elusive Stone Chariot and musical pillars that adorn every travelogue written on...

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Lost in the Bewitching Ruins of Hampi

“Not all those who wander are lost.” ~ JRR Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring How does ‘wandering in the ruins’...


Science Express Exhibition Review

I jump at every opportunity where I can do something different with her. Whether it is a local community drive or visit to a how-so-ever-small farm, I am up for it. So when I found out about the Science Express exhibition parked literally right behind my house, I had to go.

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Holiday in Goa – Land of Most Beautiful Sunsets

We went for a week-long December vacation to Goa. It has been our December tradition for three years now to...