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It was going to be Valentine’s Day soon and I had no idea what I would do for Mr. B and Little B. I wanted to do something that both of them can enjoy together. I thought of planning a dinner for them but the idea seemed a little ordinary. Moreover, it was Valentine’s Day so I definitely wanted to dine out and not cook in.

I have also been wanting to ask Mr. B to watch the movie My Neighbor Totoro. Little B has seen the movie a few years back and since then, has been calling Mr. B, Totoro. Mr. B has just been revelling in this nickname without having any idea of who or what Totoro is. I realized My Neighbor Totoro’s movie night would be a perfect activity for a Valentine’s Day eve.

All I needed were some snacks.

Movie Night Snacks – Marshmallow Popcorn Balls

What Will You Need

4 cups popped popcorn

¼ cup of butter

Around 15 good size marshmallows

Food colors

movie night homemade snacks

How To Go About It

Add butter and marshmallows in a bowl and microwave them for 10 seconds.

Marshmallow popcorn balls

Take them out of microwave and give a little stir. Microwave again for 10 seconds. Stir it and put it back in the microwave for 10 seconds. Repeat the process till your marshmallows are completely melted.

movie night homemade snacks

Divide the marshmallow mixture in two different bowls. Add a couple of drops of different food colors to both the bowls (I added raspberry red color to one and blue to the other).

Marshmallow popcorn balls

Add in 2 cups of popped popcorn to one of the bowl and nicely coat popcorn with the marshmallow mixture. Repeat the same with the other bowl.

movie night homemade snacks

With lightly greased hands, gently shape the popcorn into balls.

Marshmallow popcorn balls

Leave the balls in a plate for about 5 minutes so that they firm up a little.

Valentine’s Day movie night snacks

Marshmallow popcorn balls

Movie Night Snacks – Parmesan Garlic Popcorn

What Will You Need

2 cups popped popcorn

2 tablespoon garlic butter

1/8 cup finely grated parmesan

Finely crushed black pepper to taste

Valentine’s Day things to do with kids

How To Go About It

Melt the butter in microwave.

Mix in black pepper in the butter.

Add in the butter mix with the popped popcorn. Gently mix grated cheese as well.

parmesan garlic butter popcorn

Movie Night Snacks Ideas

Movie Night Snacks – Subtle Peach Fizz

What Will You Need

1 cup club soda

1 tablespoon peach syrup

½ cup chilled water

subtle peach fizz

How To Go About It

Mix peach syrup with chilled water. Mix well. Add in club soda. Adjust the flavor by adding more syrup or soda as per taste.

movie night homemade snacks

Now that I was going elaborate, I also went ahead and crafted handmade popcorn boxes and movie tickets.

Movie Night Snacks Ideas

What kind of snacks do you enjoy for a movie night?

Movie Night Snacks Ideas

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My Neighbor Totoro movie night

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