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Phone Case DIY – Rainbow and Sequins

On one such tiring day, I though why am I having a transparent phone case? I should do something about it. Little B loves rainbows and I love sequins, so this is what we both agreed on – Rainbow and Sequins Phone Case DIY

paradise falls wall mural 0

DIY Wall Mural – Paradise Falls (Up movie)

Pixar movies have always inspired me and Up is no different. Since I have seen the movie, I have started believing in the motto ‘Adventure is out there.’ The idea to grow old with Mr B and then live right next to a mighty gorgeous waterfall! I would give up anything to make this dream come true!

In the movie, Ellie draws an amazing painting of this dream on the wall of her living room. I have longed for that very same painting in my house ever since. But it took me years to convince myself that I CAN paint the same painting in my house.

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Easy DIY Felt Flowers Rakhi Craft

I found two felt sheets in my craft box and I had an idea. Felt is such a wonderful material and it is such a perfect craft material. Whatever you make with it, felt makes it look better. And it is versatile as well. It can be used to make fashion accessories, toys, home decor items and almost everything.

So I took some inspiration from the craftsy ladies on the internet and decided that felt flowers was what I wanted to this project.