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In Darkness A Light

Sometimes I feel that Diwali is absolutely overrated. And at other times I feel that Diwali is the purpose behind everything else happening in my life. As if I celebrate other festivals only so that they can lead me to Diwali.

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Whoo Hoo Thank You!

This handmade Thank You Card is again an inspiration from Eric Carle and follows his collage style. It is so simple that there are really not much instructions for me to write here.

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No More Pulling Hair Over Little Bricks – Organize and Store Lego DIY Way

Every time Little B wants to play Lego, she wants to play with all sets together. And every time she is done playing, I have to clean up by sorting and storing them in a couple of different ways. This storing was making me go mad!
Isn’t there an easier way to organize Lego which makes playing with it and cleaning afterwards simpler?

Ratatouille from Ratatouille 1

My Version of Sorted’s Version of Thomas Keller’s Version of a Traditional Ratatouille

For the last few weeks I am hooked to the recipes from the four wild guys of Sorted. The amount of ‘crazy’ they bring into their kitchen is surely entertaining. But I have often wondered, do their recipes work?
I saw them cook Ratatouille and their dish looked amazing. And mouth watering enough for me to finally give Sorted a try.


Have I been Teaching Her Something Wrong?

I am not going to ask my daughter to stop dreaming because she might get a few nightmares along the way. I am not going to ask her to stop hiking in woods alone because she might find a stranger there. I am not going to stop her from picking up bees in her palm because one of them might sting.