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science experiment with magnets 0

When Magnets Create Magic – Floating Pencil Holder STEM Experiment

A bit of a life update! I have been volunteering with Beanstalk as a reading helper for primary school kids...

pinhole projector for observing sun 7

Eclipse That Led Us to Make a Pinhole Projector

Mr B, my husband was traveling when he informed Little B and I about the then upcoming solar eclipse (that...

Science Activity Box for Kids 4

Review – Curious Cobo March Science Activity Box for Kids

Disclaimer: I have received Curious Cobo’s March month’s “A Day at the Farm” science activity box for kids in exchange...

Naked egg experiment 10

Wobbly Bouncy Egg Experiment – Discovering Science At Home

I was a science student and yet science never excited me. I did not care what is reacting or what...

Treasure walk for kids 3

Weekly Nature Walks – We Are Off to Find Treasures!

We all know how much children like collecting trash! Well, do you know this trash collection can be a great way to teach them to love mother nature!


Baking Soda and Vinegar Painting

I love science. For science is all these little parts but still it is much more than the sum of...