Universe and My Place in It – Kindergarten Geography Activity

Universe and My Place in It – Kindergarten Geography Activity

Little B often gets confused as to what her city is and what her country is. Her confusion is not with the names, but with how these geographical entities are related to each other. For example, she would often wonder if India is in Karnataka or which is bigger – Solar System or Milky Way galaxy. I wanted her to understand the relation between her home, her city, her country vis-a-vis the solar system and the universe. I found this kindergarten geography activity for kids on Pinterest and tried it with her. The activity is fairly simple; therefore to see it work came as a surprise to me.

Universe and I – Kindergarten Geography Activity for Kids

What Will You Need

Colorful chart papers or construction papers

Geometrical compass

Punching machine

Binder rings or sturdy cord

Craft supplies like scissors, pencil, colors, etc.

How To Go About It

Draw 9 concentric circles using the compass. You can use a different color paper for each circle, or you can alter the colors like we did.

Arrange all 9 circles like in the picture below and punch a hole in the top. Use binder ring to assemble all the paper together. I did not have binder rings so I used a sturdy leather cord (something which can hold its shape) and tie it a little loosely to give circles space to flip.

Universe and My Place in It

We labeled the first and the smallest circle “Home” and I let Little B draw her home on it. The next circle was labeled “Bengaluru,” the next one “Karnataka,” the next one “India,” then “Asia,” then “Earth,” then “Solar System,’ then “Milky Way” and the last one “Universe.” Little B drew corresponding pictures on each of the circles.

As I have mentioned earlier, the aim of the project is to give kids an idea of how different geographical entities in the universe are related to each other and how they fit in the bigger plan of things.

Geography activity for kids

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