Weekly Diary of a Blogger Mom | 15 April – 21 April 2017

15 April 2017


It was Easter weekend and along with Little B, even Mr B was having the weekend off. We decided to visit another museum, this time the National Army Museum.

National Army Museum is tucked away in Chelsea and is quite humble in space. We finished going through the entire museum in a single day. There were plenty of hands on activities and interactive exhibits for kids. Little B played Easter egg hunt there through a robotic arm.

Weekly Diary of Blogger Mom April

National Army Museum London

Weekly Diary of Blogger Mom April

National Army Museum London

Had risotto for dinner. I am falling in love with homemade risotto just so badly.

Weekly Diary of Blogger Mom April

16 April 2017


Another day of the Easter weekend and we decided to head over to Hampstead Heath for a picnic. Hampstead Heath park is located right next to the tube station and offers one of the best views of London skyline. We walked and trailed and then ate our lunch. I made a special Green Goddess sandwich for the picnic.

If there’s one thing you can always do in London, that’s kite flying. You’ll almost always find a nice gush of air. So that’s what we did!

Weekly Diary of Blogger Mom April

Hampstead Heath

kite flying Hampstead Heath

17 April 2017


It was Easter Monday and that means going out to do Easter stuff. But we decided to hang in at the house, we were kind of drained from all the going out of the previous three days.

We chilled during the first half of the day. Then suddenly decided to go to the local shopping mall to buy a pair of shoes for Mr B. Mr B was reluctant at first, it isn’t easy persuading him to buy things for himself. But we did it and got one gorgeous pair for him.

Had leftover tacos for lunch and I loved them. The preparation for making Mexican takes time but is also quite simple. You just can’t get it wrong even if you try. And so the flavour is just right, neither overwhelming nor subtle. Click here for my ultimate guide to a Big Fat Mexican Dinner.

Weekly Diary of Blogger Mom April

Decided to watch Harry Potter – The Philosopher’s Stone in the afternoon. It was Little B’s first time watching this movie, so we (Mr B and I) were excited. We love the books and we love the movies, but obviously we love the books more.

We had earlier decided that we wouldn’t let Little B watch the movies unless and until she has read the books. But lately we had this epiphany that Harry Potter is for Little B, what Lord of the Rings is for us. For her, Harry Potter books will be ancient history, chances of her picking up one from a book shelf out of her own will aren’t too bright. So we decided to let her enjoy the movie for now. She is 6 right now, so her favourite scene from the movie was when a troll entered a bathroom and Harry sticks his wand in troll’s nose. Yeah, that is Little B’s state of mind at the moment.

Weekly Diary of Blogger Mom April

18 April 2017


Mr B was off to his official trip in the morning. So it was just Little B and I in the house for the next three days now.

This was also the last day for LittleB’s Easter holidays. Her school was to start from Wednesday and so there were lot of chores to complete. We went to get grocery for the week, I ironed her uniform while she packed her bag. Quite boring actually, but I like it when it is just Little B and I around. She knows what I want and I know what she wants. We are a perfect team.

I have this really lovely white leather jacket. I had not been taking care of it at all and so the white jacket has become dull-white-greyish jacket. Bought a leather cleaner from the market and tried cleaning my jacket with it but it didn’t work. Can you suggest me of something that can clean leather well? A DIY cleaner perhaps?

19 April 2017


It was LittleB’s back to school day and I was just so happy! I was tired of doing break-time activities with her. I was finally going to get my “me time.” (Looking for activities to keep kids busy in holidays? Find inspiration here.)

It was the starting of summer term for Little B and so she wore her summer dress to school today. The temperature is still lingering around 5 to 12 degrees C so she had to wear the summer dress with her jumper. Of course I thought my daughter looked really cute in it!

Weekly Diary of Blogger Mom April

With Little B of to school, I finally got the time to go to the gym. It had been more than two weeks since I last went there. I did a bit of treadmill and weights in the gym and then attended my favourite class there – Abs Blast.

A friend was also at the gym and so we decided to have lunch together at the high street. Shopped around a bit as well.

Little B came home happy from the school as she always is. She enjoyed her first day as they spend it looking for bright flowers and honeybees in the school grounds. I love the way science is taught here, not like a subject but like an experience.

20 April 2017


I was aiming to run for 10K and so I headed straight to the park after dropping Little B off to school. Enjoyed running for the initial 4 km but after that I started feeling absolutely uninterested. I knew this would happen; I hadn’t run for the last 3 weeks and it is sometimes hard for me to shake the inertia off. Hence decided to listen to my body and so just brisk walked for a couple of kilometres to reach the 6.5K mark. The weather was still nice in the park. I relaxed in the soft green spring grass and did my elaborate stretching routine.

Weekly Diary of Blogger Mom April

post run stretching routine

A nice lady was handing out flyers in the park for an exercise session that takes place there every Thursday. The session was about to start and of course I joined it. I can’t miss the chance to learn some new exercise tricks and socialize with a bunch of people at the same time.

I spent two hours in the park running and doing circuits and by the time I came back home I was dead tired. Gulped a glass full of banana protein shake, ate lunch and spent the afternoon sitting on the sofa till it was time to pick Little B from school.

We found a kind-of fossil at the Durdle Door Arch stuck from the roots of a kelp washed ashore. Little B took the fossil rock to her school to show it to her class friends as part of their everyday “show and tell time.” As the rock was stuck to kelp roots, it smelled of rot and sea. When Little B showed it to her class, they had a great time smelling the funny smell and laughing over it.

fossils at Lulworth COve

Mr B came back from Scotland with Cranberry-Raspberry tea which thanks to my impatience, I brewed immediately. While hot, the tea was soothing with subtle flavours. As it cooled, it lost much of its charm.

21 April 2017


Just like my gym routine, my blogging routine was also on a halt thanks to Little B’s Easter holidays. So picked up my laptop after a long time. Thought of this idea of sharing my life with you through this blog – Weekly Diary of Blogger Mom. And you are reading it right now. How do you like it?!

It is our anniversary day guys! And it is our 9th.

We waited for Little B to come back from school so that we can uphold our anniversary tradition of making anniversary cards with her. This year’s card is dedicated to British weather! Got short on time and couldn’t finish them today.

handmade anniversary card

Have to rush for our anniversary dinner now. See you guys later!

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  1. Hi Bhawna,
    Belated Happy wedding Anniversary, hope you have enjoyed a lot.
    I loved the way you utilised the break by spending quality time with your family and sharing knowledge with your little one while having fun.
    I feel motivated after reading this article that how you managed to workout despite being busy in taking care of all the responsibilities. Thank you for motivating others.


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