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A few weeks back, I was invited to spend an evening with the people behind The Baking Company. The Baking Company was yet a bakery outlet at Brigade Group’s clubs. It had its patrons who loved the warm goodies it baked. However, it was about time; time for the small bakery to take a big leap and open its own outlet at one of the most popular malls in Bangalore.

I, along with a few other bloggers of the city, was treated with one of their best sweet and savoury treats. We had an amazing menu to look forward to. There was every texture to satiate the cravings of a food lover – crunchy, crisp, melt in your mouth, gooey, creamy and much more.

Everything that The Baking Company offered us tasted well. I wondered if it’s nutritious as well. It was then that the Jowar Banana Muffin caught my attention. As the name suggests, the muffin was made out of jowar or sorghum, not something used often in baking.

Last few years have seen a spurt in healthy food trends. And the food group that is leading most of these trends is grains. There are trends around gluten, whole, carbohydrates, starch and everything else related to grains. And then there is this whole health movement around “grains from the past.” Grains like millets, quinoa and teff are making a comeback. There is a large debate on the international stage about which grain is the best.

However, you know what do experts suggest? Not this and not that and instead everything. Nutritionist favour balanced diet and thus suggest for eating whatever grain you can get your hands on in moderation and balance and suggest against getting fixated on one particular kind of grain.

When I looked at the menu of The Baking Company keeping this balance in mind, I started loving the food even more. The cookies and cupcakes, they were made with a variety of grains – wheat, bajra (pearl millet), raagi (finger millet), jowar (sorghum), corn and oats.

Chef Anbu from The Baking Company let out their super soft carrot tea cake recipe. I got to help him a bit.

Here’s a video by fellow blogger Vidya Lakshmi of the recipe (I star in the video!) –


With the amazing food, it was actually the hospitality of the Brigade Hospitality group that made the evening amazing. Special thanks to Vineet Verma, Charu Ramiah, Chef Anbu and each and every member of the Brigade family that spoilt us with delectable food!

You too can spoil yourself with all this goodness, just head out to The Baking Company outlet at the Orion Mall and get yourself a plate of the #BakingHappiness they serve!

The Baking Company Bangalore

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