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Let Toys be Toys 3

Toys Are Not For Girls, Toys Are Not For Boys, Toys Are Only Toys

(The following article is written exclusively for Kellogg’s Chocos and was originally published at MyCity4Kids. This article is an attempt in breaking gender stereotypes propagated by toys.) Sometimes, I hate...

encouraging kids to be independent 0

Encouraging Kids to be Independent – What Child Psychology Has to Say About It?

The whole thing triggered about a couple of months back when we took my daughter for shopping. We finalized a nice yoga pants for her, the only thing was to...

what should my daughter become when she grows up 6

I Don’t Want My Daughter to Become Anything…and Yet Everything

(This blog was first published at my parenting blog at MyCity4Kids) The day my daughter was born, the comparison started. Her forehead was compared to my husband; her nose was...

Rachel Platten Fight Song 1

Why Did I Teach My Daughter Rachel Platten’s Fight Song?

Reblogged from I Don’t Like Teaching Moral Lessons, There I Said It at I hate teaching any sort of moral lesson to my daughter. I absolutely don’t see any...


Lessons in Parenting and Raising Entrepreneurs From ‘Losing My Virginity’

I am down and out with flu. My body is bearing the brunt of the obvious, and yet, my mind is free to do what it pleases. So I read...


Have I been Teaching Her Something Wrong?

I am not going to ask my daughter to stop dreaming because she might get a few nightmares along the way. I am not going to ask her to stop hiking in woods alone because she might find a stranger there. I am not going to stop her from picking up bees in her palm because one of them might sting.


What are We Without a Child Within?


Wreck It Ralph’s Influence on Little B

My two and a half-year-old daughter is obsessed with ‘Wreck it Ralph‘ at the moment. She loved wrecking, she loves fixing. How she complements me “Ma you one dynamite gal.”