Cherry Blossom Painting For Home

The main wall of my living room is fairly long. To fill it up, I have hanged three Madhubani paintings on the wall. These are beautiful beyond words. However, it always seemed to me that there is something still missing on the wall. There is something else that I need to group up those paintings and hence complete the wall.

I found my inspiration while skimming through infinite pictures of flowers. It is the Japanese Cherry Blossom that I wanted to bring to my living room.

DSC00940 - Copy

Cherry blossom paintings are very quick and easy to make and you don’t require anything special as such. Just a white sheet, some paint colors, a brush and of course a straw.

Remember the blow painting that we used to do in kindergarten. That is what I did (actually!). Just a drop of paint, blew it here and there and shaped it like a branch of the tree. Painted colorful dots on the branches of the tree for flowers. Light background color and I was done.


The painting might look a little messy from closeup but when you zoom out it looks just fine.


I have used poster colors for making the branches of the tree. For flowers and background, I have used acrylic colors with pearl finish.

Little B also tried her hands on it and may I say she did pretty good.


That’s how mine and Little B’s work look like.


Of course I had to frame Little B’s painting as well.DSC00944

And that’s the complete picture


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