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I was searching for a place for our Friday night dinner. Nothing fancy schmancy, just a place with good food. That’s when Boondock Bistro caught my eye. The restaurant describes itself as essentially a “steakhouse, breakfast & brunch restaurant, café” on its Facebook page. Now that was a problem with us. We love being vegetarian and though we eat non-vegetarian food every once in a while, still we almost always prefer vegetarian food over non-vegetarian. The other issue was that the place specializes in breakfast and brunch and we were planning to go there for dinner. However, we liked the menu and so decided to go with our gut feeling and check the restaurant out.

Review of Boondock Bistro, Whitefield, Bengaluru

I must say that the entrance of the restaurant is not inviting at all. However, once we stepped in the whole place looked welcoming and warm. It seemed like the kind of place where you can chill with a group of friends and even if you hang there for hours, no one will ask you to leave. It had the charm of an old place with laid back vibes. They have kept a few board games to pass time. We were accompanied  by a curious kid, so the board games came in handy.

We started with the Italian Pasta Salad.  The salad was simple and it was its simplicity that made it stand out. It was just antipasto ingredients tossed in the basic wine vinaigrette. And yet, it tasted special. Like something that I could eat a whole bowl of.

We ordered Mushroom Caps with BBQ sauce for starters. I had stuffed Portobello mushrooms earlier. However, these were supposed to be our ordinary button mushrooms and we wondered how this dish will come out to be. Again, it was spot on. This was the dish Little B ate the most that evening. The dish was supposed to come with a BBQ sauce but the sauce tasted more like a tomato sauce than a BBQ one.

Dinner Places in Whitefield Bengaluru

For the main course, we ordered Grilled Veg Pancakes. They were served as sizzlers on bed of herbed rice and drizzled with Italian cream sauce. A lovely dish. It in fact seemed like an Indian twist to an Italian dish. However, halfway thought the dish a big white pepper came into my mouth and that immediately spoiled my appetite.

Dinner Places in Whitefield Bengaluru

We wrapped up our evening with an apple pie and ice-cream. The apple pie was a little dry.

Dinner Places in Whitefield Bengaluru

We paid Rs 750 for the above four dishes.

As I said earlier, Boondock Bistro is not fancy at all, and that’s a good thing! This is not the place where you go to when in the mood for posh Italian food. This is the place where you can get simple and yet flavorful food. The food served here is no exactly Indian and still tastes homely.  And yes the prices were a plus too!

We will definitely revisit the place, this time to have our weekend brunch.


It is not easy to spot the restaurant in the complex, just take the elevator and straightaway go to the 3rd floor.

Parking is very limited. Anybody living in Whitefield knows that the road is narrow and thus parking on the road itself is also not possible. We parked our car at the Forum Mall and walked over to the restaurant. It is hardly a 5 minute walk.

Dinner Places in Bengaluru –

Boondock Bistro

Sundari Armadale, Prestige Ozone, Ozone Entrance Road, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka

080 4115 9207

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