How to Quill an Ant? YellowMellowLife – Life as Freya YouTube Collaboration

I never could have guessed that one day I would wonder how to quill an ant. I wasn’t into quilling that much.

how to quill an ant

Till the time I had found out about quilling, it had already become a craze. I saw the whole world going crazy over quilling. It seemed they all had a quilling needle in their one hand and a quilling  strip in another and off they were rolling magic out of those strips.

Now this is the thing about me – if there is something that everyone in the world is doing, chances are that I won’t be doing that. Not because I am that kind of person who doesn’t follow the crowd (though that would be a good thing), but because I am that kind of person who is sometimes stubborn to go with the flow. Yes, it is just my stubbornness that doesn’t let me try things that a large number of people are trying.

So as it happened, I let the whole quilling craze pass through without learning anything about it. Then about a few months back, I saw a quilling A to Z chart on Facebook that got me interested. I always associated quilling with complicated designs and rolls; however, the artist of this chart had made absolutely simple quilling designs. So simple that for the first time, I wanted to try quilling, I thought I can quill.

Meanwhile, Freya and I started our own YouTube channels and we were looking for a project to collaborate. Like we are, sisters from another mister, both of us jumped on the Quilling A to Z chart idea. We decided to take one letter of the alphabet each week (I’ll take one for myself and Freya will take one for her own) and make simple fun quick quilling objects/animals/etc. based on that letter. So for week 1, I took Letter A and quilled an Ant, Freya took B and quilled a Butterfly. For week 2, I took letter C and quilled a Candy, Freya took letter D and quilled a Duck, and so on.

Presenting to you the first thing that I quilled for our collaboration – an ANT!

How to Quill an Ant?

Quilling an Ant is just so very simple. You just need the basics – a needle, couple of strips and glue. And then you just need to follow this video –

Here’s the link to my YouTube channel, go ahead and explore it for yourself –

YellowMellowLife by Bhawna Saini YouTube

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