How to Quill an Engine? YellowMellowLife – LifeasFreya YouTube Collaboration

how to quill an engineI quilled for about 3 months this summer all because of this fun thing Freya and I thought together. We wanted to do a series of quilling videos based on A to Z theme. Every week each one of us picked up a letter from the alphabet and quilled an object starting with this letter.

I started this quilling collaboration as a beginner and therefore initially I quilled objects which were quite easy to make. For letter E in the series, I contemplated on many objects but finally settled for quilling an engine.

How to Quill an Engine?

Quilling an engine was easy and yet the end product looked quite presentable. Quilling it requires just the basics like quilling strips, quilling needle and a craft glue. The steps for the same are in the video below –

You can learn quilling other simple and fun things here –

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