Little B’s How To Train Your Dragon Birthday Party – Happy 4th!

I know I should have written this post about 3 months back but then you wouldn’t know how lazy I am, right?

There are happy days all around the year – my birthday, my anniversary, this day and that day. However, it seems that it all converges to one single event – my daughter Little B’s birthday. I think about it and I have no clue as to of all the people I know, how can someone who I have spent the least amount of time with become my favorite. I can think of Little B in the dead of the night and still a smile will sneak up on my face.

She is the first and the only person who I didn’t have to fall in love with – I loved her even before I held her. And now we are inseparable. And as if it is only her eyes that I see with, her fingers that I touch with and her voice that I laugh with. As if it is either her or there is nothing in my life.

Coming back to Little B’s birthday, the planning for her December birthday starts in September. We plan our annual trip which we take on her birthday. We also brainstorm on the theme of her birthday which is most important because everything else is based on that. Her first birthday was based on Choo-Choo Train, second was planned around Finding Nemo and the third one was The Cat in the Hat’s. 4-to-be Little B was very vocal with clear likes and dislikes so we asked her what she wanted. She replied, “How To Train Your Dragon” birthday party. That was a time she was obsessed with Astrid because just like Little B, Astrid was wild and adventurous.

So that settled it.

We planned two separate parties, one for just a handful of close friends and family members and the other for Little B’s friends. We decided to do everything all by ourselves, from food to decoration. The way it all turned out was beautiful – it was lovely and welcoming with a personal touch to it. So here are some glimpses from Little B’s special day.

Invitations were emailed to the guests –

How to Train Your Dragon Party

The decoration –

Birthday sign at the entrance of our home –

IMG_4379 (768x1024)

Little B didn’t want to dress fancy for her birthday, all she wanted was to look like Astrid. We were able to do that up to an extent.

And now the cake –


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7 Responses

  1. ruchitadevikar says:

    Hey Bhawna, you are so creative. Your little B is very lucky to have you as mother. Happy birthday to B and you too(as its your new life started with her) belated.

  2. shana says:

    hello! we love your invitations for how to train your dragon! did you design them yourself, or work with another company? we would love to use them for our son who is turning 7 next month. 🙂

    • Bhawna Saini says:

      Hi Shana! Thank you for appreciating my efforts! Yes I did design the invites myself. It looks complex but actually it is quite easy. I just downloaded a good quality picture from the internet and put text over it using Picassa. You can use other softwares to put text over a picture like PicMonkey (there are several more apps now). Another thing is that I emailed the invites and so I didn’t worry about how they would look when printed on a paper (though I feel they should print fine as well). Let me know if you need any links for the picture or any help with it, I’ll see what I can do!

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