A Marvellous Book Party and Picture Books to Love This Summer

How do you get out of a blogging slump? You wait for one of your favourite brands to reach out to you and invite you to a book party. Not just any book party, but a PICTURE BOOK PARTY! And being a mother of a 7-year-old girl who loves to read, these are the best sort of parties to be in!

Last Saturday, LittleB and I were invited by Little Tiger Press to attend their Picture Book Party #TigerPBParty. I was introduced to this publishing house last year and since then I’m in love with them. Every time I come across a book published by Little Tiger, for sure I pick it up and read it. They have a wide variety of picture books and their illustrations and colour schemes are to die for. Seriously guys, next time if you see this cute cub behind a picture book, give the book a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Little Tiger picture books

I knew that a Picture Book Party by Little Tiger would be a blast but what made this one bombtastic was the venue where it was hosted. It was children’s favourite Kidzania London that was chosen to be the backdrop to the party.

Little Tiger + Kidzania, it was all that a parenting blogger and her 7-year-old daughter could ask for!

On the day of the party, we woke up early, with LittleB waking up even earlier than her weekday schedule. She was just so excited! As we packed up our bags for the day, LittleB brought along her signed copy of Jonny Lambert’s The Only Lonely Panda. Jonny Lambert was expected to come to this picture book party and LittleB wanted to proudly show off her author-signed copy.

The Only Lonely Panda Jonny Lambert

Kidzania London is an incredible place. I was expecting it to be good, however it turned out great. I love it when places are well thought of and even small details taken care of and Kidzania London was exactly that. Perhaps I’ll have an altogether separate post on that later!

picture books to love this summer

Little Tiger had picked up their Top 4 Picture Books to Love This Summer to focus on for the event. The authors and/or the illustrators of those books were invited to the event to interact with the little ones and their grownups.

Summer picture books for kids

LittleB was star struck at the event. She was even a tad bit shy at the beginning. I couldn’t understand her shyness because she is otherwise quite a confident child. When I imagined myself in LittleB’s shoes, I understood why she is reacting this way. Imagine if I were to meet JK Rowling! I will be excited but completely overwhelmed as well. And that is how I think LittleB was feeling meeting authors of the books she reads.

Little Tiger picture books

The first session was taken by the award-winning children’s author Jeanne Willis. She read her book Blue Monster Wants It All to the kids with much grace and poise.

Blue Monster Wants it All Little Tiger Picture Books

Blue Monster Wants it All Little Tiger Picture Books

LittleB enjoyed the amusing session that author Suzy Senior and illustrator Claire Powell took related to their book Octopants. Suzy asked children to think of fun underpants that they would like to see an octopus wear and Claire designed those underpants!

picture books to love this summer

Octopants Little Tiger picture books

Jonny Lambert took the stage for his book Look Out, It’s a Dragon where he showed kids how to make paper 3D model of dragons. He needed two volunteers to help him with the demonstration and of course Little B, quick as a flash, hopped on to the stage!

picture books to love this summer

picture books to love this summer

The last, but definitely not at all the least, session of the day was by Steve Smallman for his book Cock-a-doodle-poo! He is such an amazing story teller and his narration of his book left everybody (and I do mean everybody) in stitches.

picture books to love this summer

Cock-a-doodle-poo Little Tiger Picture Books

If you guys are looking for some fresh, hilarious and fun picture books which do not preach and still send positive messages across to the kids, here are my favourite four picture books to love this summer –

picture books to love this summer

You can find these picture books to love this summer at book stores, your local library, even at Kidzania London’s library and also here –

What picture books are you loving this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

Interested in reading some picture book reviews! Here are some of my favourites for you –

Owl Moon by Jane Yolen

Oh, The Places You’ll Go! by Dr Seuss



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