Sherlock The Lying Detective Review – It Is Dark, Dramatic and Dizzying

I was scrolling through the long list of TV guide last night when I suddenly realised that the clock just struck 9. And 9 on a Sunday night, at this time of the year means just this one thing – BBC One, Sherlock.

Watching Sherlock, a Perk of Living in London

Out of all the perks of living in London, one that I love insanely, is being able to see programmes like Sherlock right on the day they are broadcasted. In India, I had to wait till at least a week to see the show. And waiting is not a feasible option if you are nuts about a series that broadcasts just three episodes in two years (approximately)! Watching Sherlock at the time when it is being broadcasted in the land of Sherlock, while living in the land of Sherlock itself is absolutely thrilling for me.

It Started The Other Way Round

In most cases I am a purist, I insist on reading a book first before watching the movie or series. In fact, I can’t seem to get my head around the series if I haven’t read the book. It was for the same reason, even though it was painfully laborious, that I read as much as I could of A Song of Ice and Fire before I started watching the Game of Thrones.

However, with Sherlock Holmes it was quite different. My love with the detective was set up by the big screen. I first took notice of the character when I watched the 2009 film, Sherlock Holmes, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. In 2010, my world was blown away when I saw BBC One’s TV series Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

Sherlock Series 4, Episode 1 – The Six Thatchers Was Lukewarm

Sherlock The Lying Detective Review

The Series 4 of BBC One’s Sherlock premiered on January 1. This first episode, The Six Thatchers, was nice. Usually, nice is nice, it is not supposed to be bad. However, I believe that in the world of Sherlock, for the expectations that have been set up and met till date, nice is bad. Nice is fine, nice is okay and nice is regular. Nice is not “chewed my fingernails in anticipation” kind-of thrilling and therefore nice is in a way bad. The only ‘Sherlock’y thing about the episode was finding out what a kickass girl Mary is and then Mary taking a bullet for Sherlock. I told myself, maybe it is the first episode of the season and therefore the team wants to keep it lukewarm just yet. And I was right.

Series 4, Episode 2 – Sherlock The Lying Detective Review


Last night BBC aired the second episode of the series, The Lying Detective, and it was the kind that makes one head spin uncontrollably and that’s the Sherlock I love.

The Lying Detective was probably one of the best episodes of the entire series. It kept on giving traces of information about the case. And just when I thought I have enough to anticipate what might happen, there was a twist. And then there was another twist, and then another and then another. All this misdirection led up to the big finish that Sherlock might have a sister who might be better at deception than Sherlock himself! What?!

After watching an episode, in a typical scenario, the viewer should have got their answers. But that didn’t happen after The Lying Detective. I was left clueless. I had no idea about Euros, the probable sister. I didn’t know why the meaning of Euros explained in the episode as “the East Wind” brought chill to my spine. Why was she conspiring with a serial killer? And for god’s sake Mycroft, what is Sherrinford? I was clueless and I loved it. And it is because of moments like this, though I am not really a Benedict Cumberbatch’s fan, a part of my heart has turned into a cumberbitch.

Can’t, just can’t wait for 15th of January when it all comes to an end with the last episode of the series – The Final Problem.

Sherlock The Lying Detective Sherlock quote

Take a Bow Mrs Hudson

The lady who deserves a standing ovation for last night’s episode is Mrs. Hudson. Dr Watson was surprised to find out that she owned an Aston Martin. So was I. I also found out that she is not the old frail lady I was taking her for. She was a married to a drug dealer and had dealt with enough smackheads so there is no messing with her. She is natural at holding a gun, she doesn’t mind a police stand-off and she can intimidate even Mycroft by calling him “reptile” in the most unnerving way.

Sherlock The Lying Detective Review

I am trying to find some good TV series that I can start binge watching. Which TV series are you hooked on to lately and what do you like about it? Share your suggestions in the comments below and I would surely check it out.

And here’s a compilation of the best quotes from the episode –

Quotes from Sherlock The Lying Detective (Series 4 Ep2)

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