Tomato Frittata Recipe That is Insanely Easy and Insanely Fancy

I don’t mind having honey loops with cold milk for breakfast. But that is only on days when I have absolutely no time to spare in the morning.

On other days when I have even 15 minutes of extra time, I want to cook something. Something easy and filling. There’s something about breakfast that just powers me up.

The most important ingredient that is must for me for such breakfast preparations is egg. It fulfills both criteria of being ‘easy’ to cook and ‘filling.’

Therefore, when I chanced upon a tomato frittata recipe by Sorted food, I felt as I have hit a jackpot.

The recipe is so easy, it is insane. And yet the end product looks so fancy, it is insane.

Here it goes –

Sorted Inspired Tomato Frittata Breakfast Recipe

What You Will Need

4 Ripe tomatoes (You need those which are wider or bigger or both. You also need to make sure that your tomatoes are wider at base to that they are able to sit upright.)

3 Eggs

Chopped onions/ tomatoes/ bell peppers (whatever you like putting in your omelet)

Rosemary (or whatever herb you like in your omelet)

Salt and pepper

Olive oil/ butter/ ghee

How to Go About It

Preheat oven to 180 degrees C.

Cut the top of the tomatoes.

sorted inspired tomato frittata breakfast recipe

Using a knife/scooper/ spoon or any similar tool, scrape the inside of the tomato. I use a vegetable peeler for scraping. You want an empty tomato that looks like a ramekin.

In a bowl, whisk together your eggs, chopped vegetables and seasoning. Just prepare a batter like you prepare for an omelet. Off late, I have started loving rosemary in eggs so I add that as well. You can add whatever you prefer.

The hollow tomato is going to be your ramekin. You need to fill this ramekin with the egg batter you have prepared.

easy egg breakfast recipe

Top the egg batter with half a tablespoon of oil/butter/ghee.

tomato frittata breakfast recipe

Place the tomatoes on a baking tray and bake for about 30 minutes. Your eggs would be set by then and the tomato would get soft and juicy.

Take the tomato frittata out of the oven and give it 5 minutes to cool down. Slice it or put it on a toast or eat it anyway you want!

sorted inspired tomato frittata breakfast recipe

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You can find Sorted’s Spiced Tomato Frittata here.

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