Uni Homemaker’s Pepper Jack and Corn Muffins


I am following Uni Homemaker’s WordPress blog for couple of months now. The blog is very inspiring and many of its recipe’s are in my to do list.

Last Friday evening I was in mood for some hot soup and of course some bread to go along with it. It was then that the idea of baking Uni’s Jalapeno Pepper Jack & Corn Muffins crossed my mind. It was a rainy evening and the thought of smelling warm savory muffins pepped me up. So I went ahead and make them and yes they turned out beautiful and delicious.


The credit for the recipe goes entirely to Anne. I made hot and sour soup to go along. My family loved it a lot. So much so, once we started eating, we couldn’t stop. That is all what we ate for the dinner that Friday – muffins and soup.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed it! And thanks for the shout out!

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