Valentine’s Day Lego Hearts Because It is the Month of Love

While shifting to London last year, we packed Little B’s Lego blocks in Ziplocs. Once we were here, every time Little B wanted to play with the blocks, she got irritated because she was often unable to find the pieces she was looking for. She has around seven (or may be more) Lego sets and ziploc bags made it harder to search for pieces. And because she has hundreds of Lego pieces, even pouring them over on a tray or on the floor doesn’t help, it only makes playing with them worse (And to tell you frankly, I can’t stand clutter; it is a boon and it is a bane!)

Finally I made a Lego organiser for Little B using a cardboard box (it was better than what I had made for her in Bangalore). With all the blocks clearly organized and sorted according to what she preferred, Little B was finally able to play Lego for hours and hours, just like she always did. (You can read more about DIY Lego Organizer box here.)

I want to add in here the importance to making random things out of Lego. When kids do not follow the instructions and instead make random things from Lego blocks, it is engineering at its best. If you actually think about it, you will realize that it is like a practical lesson on geometry, structural integrity and design that a child tries to teach herself/ himself. So we often play Lego together with unconventional vague ideas like, “let’s try making a silly swing,” or “how about designing an animal which is half giraffe and half snake.” We try working on such prompts that can help Little B run her imaginational far and wild.

So we were indulging in countless hours of Lego play and Valentine’s Day was on the corner. Amidst it all, making ValentinesDay Lego Hearts seemed like the perfect idea.

Valentine’s Day Lego Hearts

The task was simple, we have to try to make as many different kind of hearts as we can out of Lego.

Valentines day lego hearts

I came up with two different ideas, both the ideas were conventional in a way (well what can I say, I am not as creative as I once was).

The first idea was the simplest one. Just take two 2×4 plates or two 2×4 blocks and stack them over like this and you will have a heart. You can further add other blocks or Lego accessories on this heart to make it look better.

Valentines day stem

For the second Valentines Day Lego hearts, start with a 2×2 Lego brick. Stack on it a 2×4 brick and then a 2×6 and then a 2×8 to give the whole thing an inverted triangle kind of look. When you reach the top of your 2×8 brick, just stack in two 2×2 bricks in middle with some space between them, thus giving a heart kind of appearance.

Engineering with lego

Of course, the best ideas from the evening came of course from Little B who was as always thinking out of the box. She came up with the idea of a heart framed inside a picture frame.

Valentines day lego hearts

I also loved her idea of a heart-shaped tray with coffee mugs and cupcakes and other things to eat on top.

Valentines day science

Mr B saw us, got inspired and unleashed his creativity making this one.

Valentines day lego hearts

We made quite a lot of Valentine’s Day Lego hearts that day. Though we did this a little too early, I feel this can be a perfect activity to enjoy with your kids on 14th of February itself.

Valentines day activity for kids
I have also realized that the best way to make the most out of your playdate with your kids is to play things that they really like and to focus on enjoying the time rather than focussing on what your kids are learning out of it.

Valentines day lego hearts

We still haven’t planned my Valentine’s Day yet. I am thinking going out with Little B but I am not sure if weather gods will be merciful on that day. Or may be I will have a cooking adventure with my girl. What do you suggest? Let me know in the comments below.

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Valentine's Day Lego Hearts

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