Yeah, It is Me and My YellowMellowLife!

A lot of people I know are clueless about my association with YellowMellowLife. They know YellowMellowLife is a blog and they know that I share its post on my Facebook page. But they don’t know why. They like the content, they comment on it and yet they don’t know what I’ve got to do with it.

So I am writing this post, to make it official.

This is my family’s YellowMellowLife. My family implies I (Bhawna Saini), Mr B (my husband with whom I have been crazily in love with for the last 7 years) and Little B (our 4-year-old daughter). We call ourselves “The Bees” and we are each other’s best friends. Though most of the times it is Mr B and Little B who are each other’s best friends and I imagine to be a part of their best friend circle.

YellowMellowLife started as a personal diary. I love being a parent (though I am not that great at parenting), I love to cook (though I am not that great at cooking), and I love to write down my thoughts (though I am not that great at writing either). Therefore, initially YellowMellowLife was a place where I penned down my experiences with Little B and a few of my cooking recipes.

And then this whole thing started where I felt that I keep forgetting the time I spent with Little B. I felt that unless and until I make it a point to jot down everything important that takes place in our lives, one day I will grow old without the faintest memory of it ever happening.

That led to YellowMellowLife as you see it today. It has food, travel, activities, musings, advice, experiences; it is a jumble of everything. And yet that one thing that binds it all is our YellowMellowLife.

It is precious to me. It is so close to my heart that sometimes I feel vulnerable on sharing it with you.

Thank you for reading through and thank you for the love that you have given me.

With a smile on my lips

Bhawna Saini

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