YellowMellowLife Summer Recap

This year I decided to participate in the interesting A to Z Challenge. The challenge required me to blog every single day in April (except Sundays) upon something that starts with the corresponding letter for the day. I started with a great start, got sluggish in between, then got a little indifferent and now as it is coming to an end, I am pepped up again.

My theme for the challenge was Summer With YellowMellowLife. I tried sticking to all the things that I consider essential for summers. There was lot of art& craft and activities for kids with book review, movie reviews, travel tales and food thrown in. Here’s putting it all together.

Just click on the picture that you like and it will take you to the related blog post.

YellowMellowLife Summer Recap

handmade anniversary card idea for chocolate lovers

Boyhood movie review

Coconut ice cream from the streets of Bangkok

dreamcatcher necklace DIY

pinhole projector for observing sun

chilled fruit skewers summer snack

making toys gender neutral for kids

simplest hummus recipe without tahini

sizzling ice chalk activity

observing Jupiter from Earth

Kabuliwala Storytelling For Kids

Lemonade Fruit Popsicles for Summer

My Neighbor Totoro movie night

Berenstain Bears No Girls Allowed Review

Daily Napkins Nina Levy Mothers and School Lunches

Summer Craft for Kids Paddle Fan

Fortifications of Québec National Historic Site

Rio inspired birthday party for kids

Sunny Side Up Egg Flowers

Making Tabbouleh Without Bulgur

Universe and My Place in It

painting The Starry Night over canvas shoes

The Temple of The Reclining Buddha

Recycling Folding Wooden Hand Fan

zoo visit with kids and what to expect

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    This is perfect. I can now easily catch up on what I missed

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