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The Temple of The Reclining Buddha 1

Wat Pho Photo Travelogue

Last year, we visited Thailand. I was mesmerized by the temples in Bangkok. Especially Wat Pho, popularly known as The Temple of The Reclining Buddha. Visiting it was an experience...

Coconut ice cream from the streets of Bangkok 14

Coconut Ice cream – Bangkok Street Food Inspired

Bangkok is a hot place. We traveled there in November expecting it to be pleasant. We were a little disappointed. The city was not like-an-oven-kind-of hot but it was not...

Erawan Shrine Bangkok Thailand 1

Thailand Travel Tales – Erawan Shrine, Bangkok

Erawan shrine, located in Thailand’s capital Bangkok, came into news last year for unfortunate reasons. A powerful bomb blasted right outside the shrine killing 20 and injuring about 120 others....