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Disney Pixar Coco movie review for parents 4

Three Parenting Lessons from Coco (and 3 Coco Printables to Colour and Create)

My love for Pixar Animation Studios is an open affair and anyone who knows anything about me knows at least that. There was a time when I was in awe...

The Secret Life of Pets Review animation 0

The Secret Life of Pets Review – Animation July 2016

You must know by now that I am a sucker for all things animation. I might miss watching any other movie, but not animation. Nuh-uh. Never going to happen. Before...

popsicles for summer 2

YellowMellowLife Summer Recap

This year I decided to participate in the interesting A to Z Challenge. The challenge required me to blog every single day in April (except Sundays) upon something that starts...

Boyhood movie review 13

Boyhood – This One’s for Richard Linklater

I played a word association game in my head. I said “summer movie” and a voice inside my head answered “Boyhood.” I associated Boyhood with summer, may be because I...

Inside Out review 5

Inside Out Review and What Did The Parent Inside Me Learn From It

Pixar’s back guys! For the last few years I felt that Pixar’s losing its zing. I mean, we didn’t really need Cars 2 and Monsters University actually made me like...

DreamWorks' Home movie Review 2

DreamWorks’ Home Review – There’s No Place Like Home (Yeah It’s Beautiful)

I was a strict Pixar fan for years. So much so, that because of Pixar I was open to accept Disney and reject everything else including DreamWorks. No doubt Pixar made amazing movies....

How to Train Your Dragon 2 2

Obsessed by How to Train Your Dragon 2

The story line of How to Train Your Dragon 2 is predictable. What stand out in the movie are those little things here and there that instantly touch the mellow side of your heart and stay with you long after the movie is over. With ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2,’ Dreamworks shines – may be as bright, or may be even brighter than Pixar’s stars.