DreamWorks’ Home Review – There’s No Place Like Home (Yeah It’s Beautiful)

I was a strict Pixar fan for years. So much so, that because of Pixar I was open to accept Disney and reject everything else including DreamWorks. No doubt Pixar made amazing movies. But yeah, I was biased. Doesn’t matter how loudly I laughed watching Kung Fu Panda, I kept telling myself that it is just not good enough. Pixar was supposed to make ‘worthy’ movies and DreamWorks was supposed to make ‘masala.’

And then I saw How To Train Your Dragon 2 and the balance tripped. The movie touched my soul. It also gave me fresh perspective, to see DreamWorks movies with better unbiased glasses.

Why I am telling you all this? To put out a disclaimer, that my following review for ‘Home’ is not such because I am a Pixar camper or a DreamWorks camper. I’ve now come to appreciate both animation studios and this review is my impartial opinion.

Home is based on a children’s book The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex and features voices of Rihanna, Jim Parsons, Jennifer Lopez and Steve Martin. It is the story of a group of aliens ‘Boovs’ who are great at hiding, running away and completely avoiding situations. One particular Boov named ‘Oh’ doesn’t fit in among its fellow aliens and is searching for something else in life than just running away. ‘Oh’ finds friends in ‘Tip’ and ‘Pig’ and gradually Tip’s purpose in life becomes his purpose.

Story line of home isn’t out of ordinary – a social misfit trying to figure out where he belongs and finally managing to accept himself as is and even getting accepted by everyone else. But still, it is the story line that movie watchers often like watching. Narrative is simple and so it sticks.

What I loved the most about the movie are the fascinating cities that the animation has created, especially when the story reached Paris. Music has definitely played a part in binding the movie together. It is catchy with an upbeat feel. There are aliens dancing, cat purring and car running on slushies. Best of all, the scary Gorg alien turn out to be an adorable cuddly starfish.

Home is an engaging, pleasing and a fine movie. I came out of theater with an unfinished box of caramel popcorn, so you know I liked it. Little B came home and drew herself as a Boov on the pin batch we got at the movie screening, so she loved it too.

DreamWorks' Home movie Review

P.S. Don’t judge Home on the single criteria of whether it is or it is not How To Train Your Dragon or whether it is better or worse than Big Hero 6. Seriously, let it go. I feel that by continuously comparing movies to one another we take the fun out of just enjoying them and appreciating them for what they are.

P.P.S. I have often heard parents complain about how there are no children movies out there for them to enjoy with their children. Well, there are.

An animated movie is released in India almost every other month. We have been often writing off animated movies as just a ‘cartoon’ movie. Believe, they are so much more than that. Oh the worlds that animated movies can open for a child! Just look at these scenes from the movie Home and tell me you are not spell-bound. And imagine what all possibilities your child will start dreaming by seeing this amazing art! People, give animated movies a chance and you will be surprised.

Home is releasing in India on 27th March, 2015. Its official trailer –

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