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pinhole projector for observing sun 7

Eclipse That Led Us to Make a Pinhole Projector

Mr B, my husband was traveling when he informed Little B and I about the then upcoming solar eclipse (that later took place on March 9th). He knew we were...

June beetles 0

What’s On Our Mind These Days? June Bugs!

Do insects repel you? Well, see A Bug’s Life and you will change your mind. My daughter has already fallen in love with them. She finds them beautiful. Being just...

Naked egg experiment 10

Wobbly Bouncy Egg Experiment – Discovering Science At Home

I was a science student and yet science never excited me. I did not care what is reacting or what is transforming, for me it was all ‘school work’ and...

Treasure walk for kids 3

Weekly Nature Walks – We Are Off to Find Treasures!

We all know how much children like collecting trash! Well, do you know this trash collection can be a great way to teach them to love mother nature!

newspaper pirate ship play activity for kids 5

Pirate Ship Out Of the Cheapest Material Ever (Psst. It’s Newspaper)

It was Little B’s Dussehra vacation time last year. With almost two weeks of holidays to pass, we were getting bored. I started looking for projects that can consume at least a few of these days, the more the better. Somehow I ended up getting inspired to do this newspaper pirate ship activity for kids with her.

NASAsendyournametoMars 0

Our Name Is Going All The Way To Mars

Since Mangalyaan’s successful placement in the orbit of Mars, me and Little B are exploring everything space – spacecrafts, satellites, solar system and every other thing that moves and goes up in the sky. And today we found out we can send our names to Mars.