Dr Seuss’s Seussville Right In My Bedroom

Dr Seuss DIY bedroom wall art decor

I am obsessed about personalizing my belongings – my house, my clothes, my phone cover – and by the extension of ‘my,’ even things that belong to Mr B and Little B. Seriously, it’s like I want my stamp on each and every thing. And before you start calling me ‘control freak,’ let me tell you, it is hard work as well. Sometimes I get exhausted thinking about how to prep this, how to decorate that and what not. But yes, I do accept that I am weird that way and may be a little cheesy(?). But I am what I am and I would never change that for anything.

When we moved in our current house, I let the interior designer do just about 50% of the decor. The rest I wanted to do myself. In due course of time, I have painted here, decorated some craft there. Nope, I have not done a lot but it is surely a work in progress.

Mr B was out travelling for work for about 2 weeks and that meant that I would have time in hand to pursue my DIY obsessions. My bedroom wall was a blank space and it was on my radar for a while now. So it was time for me to fill it up.

I wanted something on the wall that relates to all three of us (me, Mr B and Little B). At the same time, I was looking for something that I can do. I consider myself at beginner to intermediate level when it comes to art (so yes a little easy would suit me just fine). This caught my attention and I instantly fell in love. What to write was easy, I want nothing else but Dr. Seuss. I made a list of my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes and I was all set.

Dr Seuss DIY Bedroom Wall Art Decor

Things You Would Need

Masking tape/ Painter’s tape

Acrylic colors (I used a mix of Camlin & Fevicryl)

Paint Brush (number 0)

Measuring tape/ Ruler

Varnish (use brush number 8 or 10 for varnish)

How To Go About It

Whatever you want to write on the wall, write it on a piece of paper first. You can repeat a single phrase or quote all over the wall. Or you can make a list of multiple phrases or quotes to be written.

Consider that your wall is a page from a notebook. To write you need to have horizontal lines on it. For this purpose, stick masking tape in straight horizontal lines on the entire wall (or the section of the wall you are working on). You might need help from someone else to make sure you are sticking the tape straight.

Keep measuring to make sure that the distance between two lines remain same. I kept a distance of 3 inches between two lines.

Start writing above the masking tape lines whatever it is that you have to write. Make sure that you use a sharpened pencil and right as lightly as possible.

If you are working on a big area then you need to write a lot. So if that is the case, I would advice you to write in a handwriting which is natural to you. If you go over fancy, you might not be able to sustain the same handwriting throughout. On the other hand, if you are working on a small area, you can style up your handwriting as much as you want.

Once writing with pencil is out of the way, start tracing the pencil letters with colors using your brush. Slow and steady here, you cannot mess this up.

You should just try to avoid blunders. Apart from that, a little mistake here and there is ok. My brush work is a little lousy, you can see tons of imperfections if you look closely. But that’s ok, when it is all put together, it is going to look almost perfect.

This is what I got in the end.

Dr Seuss DIY bedroom wall art decor

Once done, let the paint dry for a complete day. After that apply a coat of varnish on your paint to protect it and add a little shine. Be as quick as possible when applying varnish.

I left spaces between each quote where I glued on shells to add a little depth to the wall.

I also have a little wall on the right hand side, where I wrote the names of Dr. Seuss books from where I have taken the quotes from.

When it comes to art, everybody have their own perspective about what is beautiful and what is not. I am not sure how would my ‘art work’ look like to you. But I personally am very proud of it!

P.S. Let me know if you need the list of Dr. Seuss quotes that I used. I’ll mail them to you right away!

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  1. Valori says:

    Valori ~ Facebook Doctor Suess Page

  2. yellowmellowlife says:

    You are right Anu! I especially like these quotes for the same reason, most of them are short with easy words to read.

  3. anu says:

    hey bhanu thats cool……..nice that mumma has written something on wall otherwise children would have done it…..lol…..as we are into developing their reading and writing habit, this is going to be a great help….

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