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Learning Marbling and Empathy at the Foundling Museum

Learning Marbling and Empathy at the Foundling Museum

What I love London most for is how it brings out the curious child in me. With the city bustling with museums and galleries, it’s hard not to enter one and get lost in the story it offers. Even without us realising it, Little B […]

A Coconut Tres Leches Cake Recipe That is Long But Worth It!

A Coconut Tres Leches Cake Recipe That is Long But Worth It!

Alright, I must admit it. Since my time in London, I’m not cooking as much as I was cooking back in Bangalore. This not necessarily a bad thing; but I genuinely like cooking and I now I feel like I am getting lazy at it. […]

7 Things I am Thankful For – Vitality London 10000 Special

7 Things I am Thankful For – Vitality London 10000 Special

I might never forget 29th May 2017.

Things I am Thankful For
What Did Just Happen?!

‘Never’ because on that day I RAN my first 10K. I have participated in a 10K earlier as well, however, I didn’t run through the entire of it; it was more of running and brisk walking. So RUNNING all through 10 kilometres for the first time was an experience worth remembering for me.

As I crossed the final mark, I was confused with what I felt. Feeling which usually are at the opposite ends of a spectrum, I was feeling them together. I was proud and humble. I was all over the place and yet really nowhere. I felt mighty and weak, all at once.

I might never forget 29th May 2017.

‘Might’ because I am good at forgetting dates, ask my friends whose birthdays I often forget.

So I might forget the date, however, I will never forget the day I had.

Post run, as I was coming to terms with what really happened, I also felt really heavy, bit overwhelmed if I can put it like that. Though yes, it is MY achievement so as to say, I kept thinking about all the bits and pieces that came together that day to give me this achievement. And so I wanted to write a special post thanking the constants and variables of my life that brought me here, to this very moment.

Here it goes –

Things I am Thankful For

Seven Things I am thankful For – Vitality London 10000 Special

My Legs and Mother Nature Who Created Them

My legs, where do I begin. I have always been amazed with nature and what a perfect imperfect creator it is.

A few years back, my legs went numb and lost strength for a couple of months. Physiotherapy did make them fit and fine again, but since then I have considered my legs for being the weakest organ of my body. So when I started running back in 2015, I didn’t know what to expect. Sluggish progress with my pace even frustrated me at times.

But as it happened in The Hare and The Tortoise, slowly and steadily my legs did get better, did get stronger and did make me complete the race. I am proud to say that today, my legs are the strongest organ of my body.

So my thanks to Mother Nature for making such a complex human body, especially my legs!

My Shoes

Of course shoes are extremely important while running, but running shoes don’t come cheap, do they?

I bought my running shoes last year from Decathlon’s Kalenji range. I don’t like investing in things that I am not sure I could get my money’s worth. Call me thrifty, I don’t mind! At that time, I wasn’t sure if I would be running regularly or if it is just a new fad for me. So I decided to go with the shoes which were closer to the lowest side of the price range. I trust Decathlon brand so I was sure that even though they weren’t expensive shoes, they would serve me just right. And they sure did!

Vitality London 10000 2017

My running shoes have been perfect for me, they have taken care of my feet quite well. Last year I promised myself that if I continue running for a year, I would treat myself by buying an expensive pair of shoes. However, now that I have been running for a year, I love my Kalenji shoes so much that I don’t want to try another pair.

Mr B and Little B

Day before the race day, Mr B and Little B spent hours planning where all they will cheer for me on the race course. On the race day, all through the morning, Mr B knew I am anxious so he kept joking around and passing me smiles here and there.

As I stood in my colour zone and waited for the race to start, Mr B raced with Little B to the nearest tube station to catch a tube to cheer for me near the1 km mark. As I passed them at the 1 km mark, they raced again and caught another tube to cheer for me near the 5 km and then they raced again to cheer for me from another point. So much so Little B even sprained her ankle and yet kept running, for me.

All the while that I was running my 10K, Mr B and Little B were also running their race, trying to get to a certain point before me. All this pain in the world they took just to shout my name louder, to give me a peck on the cheek and to tell me that I can do it.

I am thankful because I just couldn’t have done it without Mr B and Little B.

Vitality London 10000 2017
My Entourage!

The Children’s Society

I wasn’t really planning to run in a professional event this year, I was happy with my laps in the park. The Children’s Society gave me this opportunity to run for myself and for a greater cause.

They gave me the push I needed and I am thankful for that.

The Children's Society

Places Where I Trained

It might sound silly but I want to mention the places where I trained in the last 6 months – The Gym I frequented, the BootCamps by OurParks I attended and the Harrow Recreation Ground where I practiced my running.

These were a part of my routine regularly and so my thanks to them.

My Family and Friends

Thanks to my mother who called me in the morning and motivated me by telling me things I wanted to hear at that time. And boy, does she always make me well up!

And I am grateful to family members and friends who took out time to wish me luck through phone calls or FaceBook or WhatsApp. Thank you for understanding how important the day was for me.

London and Its Weather

London you are an amazing city to run in. The race commenced at the Mall right between the lush Green Park and St James’ Park. While running all you can see on both sides are limestone buildings made hundreds of years ago. I passed our favourite hangout place the Trafalgar Square and India House (High Commission of India) which I had not seen before. I also caught glimpse every now and then of three landmarks that dominate London’s skyline – St Paul’s Cathedral, Elizabeth Tower housing Big Ben and the Shard. The race concluded at Buckingham Palace.

VitalityLondon1000’s course was like a mini tour of the London city!

Vitality London 10000 2017

And yes I have to thank the weather that day. I don’t appreciate London’s weather much. A week before the run, the weather was cold, lingering around 12-15 degrees Celsius. I thought that was perfect for running. Just a few of days before the race, the mercury started hanging out around 25 with harsh sunlight thrown in the before noon hours. That got me worried, I get dehydrated easily.

But it all changed on race day. The temperature was 20 with clouds thrown in. It was a bit humid but humid is better than dry, right?

And then consider this, in that one hour that I ran, the weather shifted from humid, to windy, to a little chilly, to extreme sunny and we even had showers thrown in. It was everything that one expects from London’s weather.

YellowMellowLife and You

This blog is my diary. I am able to look back on my own posts, see my journey and retrospect about it. I am thankful for this journey and I am also grateful that I get to share my journey with readers like you. This blog and you guys keep me motivated for more and more.

Vitality London 10000 2017

Vitality London 10000 2017

Things I am Thankful For

Things I am Thankful For

What are you thankful for in your life? Let me know in the comments below.

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Weekly Diary of a Blogger Mom | 15 April – 21 April 2017

Weekly Diary of a Blogger Mom | 15 April – 21 April 2017

15 April 2017


It was Easter weekend and along with Little B, even Mr B was having the weekend off. We decided to visit another museum, this time the National Army Museum.

National Army Museum is tucked away in Chelsea and is quite humble in space. We finished going through the entire museum in a single day. There were plenty of hands on activities and interactive exhibits for kids. Little B played Easter egg hunt there through a robotic arm.

Weekly Diary of Blogger Mom April

National Army Museum London

Weekly Diary of Blogger Mom April

National Army Museum London

Had risotto for dinner. I am falling in love with homemade risotto just so badly.

Weekly Diary of Blogger Mom April

16 April 2017


Another day of the Easter weekend and we decided to head over to Hampstead Heath for a picnic. Hampstead Heath park is located right next to the tube station and offers one of the best views of London skyline. We walked and trailed and then ate our lunch. I made a special Green Goddess sandwich for the picnic.

If there’s one thing you can always do in London, that’s kite flying. You’ll almost always find a nice gush of air. So that’s what we did!

Weekly Diary of Blogger Mom April

Hampstead Heath

kite flying Hampstead Heath

17 April 2017


It was Easter Monday and that means going out to do Easter stuff. But we decided to hang in at the house, we were kind of drained from all the going out of the previous three days.

We chilled during the first half of the day. Then suddenly decided to go to the local shopping mall to buy a pair of shoes for Mr B. Mr B was reluctant at first, it isn’t easy persuading him to buy things for himself. But we did it and got one gorgeous pair for him.

Had leftover tacos for lunch and I loved them. The preparation for making Mexican takes time but is also quite simple. You just can’t get it wrong even if you try. And so the flavour is just right, neither overwhelming nor subtle. Click here for my ultimate guide to a Big Fat Mexican Dinner.

Weekly Diary of Blogger Mom April

Decided to watch Harry Potter – The Philosopher’s Stone in the afternoon. It was Little B’s first time watching this movie, so we (Mr B and I) were excited. We love the books and we love the movies, but obviously we love the books more.

We had earlier decided that we wouldn’t let Little B watch the movies unless and until she has read the books. But lately we had this epiphany that Harry Potter is for Little B, what Lord of the Rings is for us. For her, Harry Potter books will be ancient history, chances of her picking up one from a book shelf out of her own will aren’t too bright. So we decided to let her enjoy the movie for now. She is 6 right now, so her favourite scene from the movie was when a troll entered a bathroom and Harry sticks his wand in troll’s nose. Yeah, that is Little B’s state of mind at the moment.

Weekly Diary of Blogger Mom April

18 April 2017


Mr B was off to his official trip in the morning. So it was just Little B and I in the house for the next three days now.

This was also the last day for LittleB’s Easter holidays. Her school was to start from Wednesday and so there were lot of chores to complete. We went to get grocery for the week, I ironed her uniform while she packed her bag. Quite boring actually, but I like it when it is just Little B and I around. She knows what I want and I know what she wants. We are a perfect team.

I have this really lovely white leather jacket. I had not been taking care of it at all and so the white jacket has become dull-white-greyish jacket. Bought a leather cleaner from the market and tried cleaning my jacket with it but it didn’t work. Can you suggest me of something that can clean leather well? A DIY cleaner perhaps?

19 April 2017


It was LittleB’s back to school day and I was just so happy! I was tired of doing break-time activities with her. I was finally going to get my “me time.” (Looking for activities to keep kids busy in holidays? Find inspiration here.)

It was the starting of summer term for Little B and so she wore her summer dress to school today. The temperature is still lingering around 5 to 12 degrees C so she had to wear the summer dress with her jumper. Of course I thought my daughter looked really cute in it!

Weekly Diary of Blogger Mom April

With Little B of to school, I finally got the time to go to the gym. It had been more than two weeks since I last went there. I did a bit of treadmill and weights in the gym and then attended my favourite class there – Abs Blast.

A friend was also at the gym and so we decided to have lunch together at the high street. Shopped around a bit as well.

Little B came home happy from the school as she always is. She enjoyed her first day as they spend it looking for bright flowers and honeybees in the school grounds. I love the way science is taught here, not like a subject but like an experience.

20 April 2017


I was aiming to run for 10K and so I headed straight to the park after dropping Little B off to school. Enjoyed running for the initial 4 km but after that I started feeling absolutely uninterested. I knew this would happen; I hadn’t run for the last 3 weeks and it is sometimes hard for me to shake the inertia off. Hence decided to listen to my body and so just brisk walked for a couple of kilometres to reach the 6.5K mark. The weather was still nice in the park. I relaxed in the soft green spring grass and did my elaborate stretching routine.

Weekly Diary of Blogger Mom April

post run stretching routine

A nice lady was handing out flyers in the park for an exercise session that takes place there every Thursday. The session was about to start and of course I joined it. I can’t miss the chance to learn some new exercise tricks and socialize with a bunch of people at the same time.

I spent two hours in the park running and doing circuits and by the time I came back home I was dead tired. Gulped a glass full of banana protein shake, ate lunch and spent the afternoon sitting on the sofa till it was time to pick Little B from school.

We found a kind-of fossil at the Durdle Door Arch stuck from the roots of a kelp washed ashore. Little B took the fossil rock to her school to show it to her class friends as part of their everyday “show and tell time.” As the rock was stuck to kelp roots, it smelled of rot and sea. When Little B showed it to her class, they had a great time smelling the funny smell and laughing over it.

fossils at Lulworth COve

Mr B came back from Scotland with Cranberry-Raspberry tea which thanks to my impatience, I brewed immediately. While hot, the tea was soothing with subtle flavours. As it cooled, it lost much of its charm.

21 April 2017


Just like my gym routine, my blogging routine was also on a halt thanks to Little B’s Easter holidays. So picked up my laptop after a long time. Thought of this idea of sharing my life with you through this blog – Weekly Diary of Blogger Mom. And you are reading it right now. How do you like it?!

It is our anniversary day guys! And it is our 9th.

We waited for Little B to come back from school so that we can uphold our anniversary tradition of making anniversary cards with her. This year’s card is dedicated to British weather! Got short on time and couldn’t finish them today.

handmade anniversary card

Have to rush for our anniversary dinner now. See you guys later!

Monday Motivation – Inspiration from Paralympics and the Pioneers of Disability Sports

Monday Motivation – Inspiration from Paralympics and the Pioneers of Disability Sports

2016 Rio Olympics were special for my daughter Little B. It was the first Olympics of her life, or at least the first one she watched with interest and was able to understand. For the entire duration of the extravaganza, we watched a number of […]

We Are All Worried and so #WeAreAllMums

We Are All Worried and so #WeAreAllMums

I wasn’t too young when I decided to plan for a baby; in fact if anything I felt that I was at the very right age. I was 27, my husband and I had thought about it for long. I knew what I was getting […]

Running London’s Iconic 10K with The Children’s Society and Five Protein Shake Tips

Running London’s Iconic 10K with The Children’s Society and Five Protein Shake Tips

I am thrilled to share with you guys the reason for my happiness these days – I am participating in this year’s Vitality London10000. The last 10K I ran was in May 2016 and it will be exactly a year when I’ll run London10000 on 29th of May this year. And to top it up, I’ll be running the race as part of The Children’s Society’s team as one of their bloggers for pre-race and race day.

I am not an avid runner, if anything I am quite mediocre at it. However, over last year and a half, I’ve started enjoying it. Running is all the more special because Mr B likes running too and hence it is an activity that we both can enjoy together. Recently we aren’t finding any time to run together; we have been running separately at the time suitable to each one of us. But it is still exciting as it gives us another topic that we can discuss passionately over breakfast.

strength training for running

My timing for TCS World 10K 2016 (Bengaluru) was 1:20:22 and I’m my goal for Vitality London10000 is to beat my own record. There are some challenges that I face. For example, I have participated in only two professional races (Pinkathon 5K 2016  and TCS 10K 2016) and in both the races I was running with a buddy. Running with someone helped me push myself harder.

Vitality London1000 2017 with The Children’s Society
My Pinkathon Bangalore 2016 partner Freya
Vitality London1000 2017 with The Children’s Society
My TCS World 10K Bangalore 2016 partner Mr B

I’ll be running Vitality London10000 all alone and I feel that might have an impact. I am fearing negative but I am hoping for positive.

I am grateful to The Children’s Society for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I’ll be blogging through YellowMellowLife and through my social media accounts about my training routines, my preparations and of course my race day story.

I have been advised many a times for taking protein drinks but I never paid any heed to the suggestions. I always thought I am not working out hard and so my body doesn’t need any extra protein. However, back in January, when my gym trainer advised it, I took the advice seriously. Maybe because he had a way of explaining; get all ‘science’y with me and I’ll start trusting what you say! And more so because I had started working out intensively and I felt that my body does actually need an extra boost.

Protein drink suggestions

Since then, I’ve been taking protein shake on days that I am working out. While drinking protein shakes for two months now, these are the five tips that I followed and hope they can help you as well –

My Five Protein Shake Tips

1. Protein Shake is Not a Substitute for Balanced Diet

I am consuming protein shakes at the moment, however, I am also trying that my body meets its daily protein requirement through better diet. Being a vegetarian, a protein-rich diet is challenging. Luckily I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian and so eggs to the rescue! My daily diet still lacks recommended amount of protein but I am trying to get there by eating better. Therefore, I am consuming protein shake just once, only on days that I am working out; when my body actually needs that extra helping.

(Daily protein recommendation for an adult is roughly 0.8 grams of protein per kg of body weight. You can check your body specific daily protein requirement here.)

2. Flavour of the Protein Powder

It is better to have a flavoured protein powder. At least if it is your first time trying one.

Protein powders have a weird taste (especially aftertaste). Add to that the fact that you will be drinking at least a 250 ml of protein shake. Drinking 250 ml of a weird tasting liquid is not easy at all.

Therefore it might be better if your protein powder is flavoured. I am consuming chocolate powder. Even with the flavour, I can feel a hint of weird underlying flavour. But overall chocolate makes it much better.

I am using skimmed milk for shakes instead of water and that is making the protein drink even better.

If you don’t mind the ‘weird’ flavour, go ahead and enjoy the natural flavoured protein powder.

Protein Shake Tips

3. Timing of the Protein Drink

It is advised that the protein shake is consumed within an hour of workout (if possible within 30 minutes). This suits just fine to me. I come back home after I am done with the gym. As soon as I am back I feel hungry (of course!) and so I chug protein shake right away. It gives my stomach some solace and I get time to shower and prepare lunch without worrying about starving.

Another good time is drinking it before you hit the bed. This way the protein shake can help rebuild your muscles as you sleep.

4. Using a Blender is Better Than a Shake

Using a shaker to make protein drink has certain advantages. For one, you will be able to prepare and have the drink anywhere. However, overall, blender is way better.

I am always having my drink at home after I am back from the gym. And so I am always using a blender to make it. Blender does a better job of mixing the protein powder well with the milk, blending a smooth texture. Blender is also great if you are trying to boost your protein drink by making a fruit or vegetable smoothie out of it.

5. Clean the Blender Right Away

Initially I was making my protein shake, chucking the blender jar in washbasin and washing the jar much later during the day. After a week, the blender jar started smelling of protein shake. And I hate it when my utensils start smelling of food.

So now as soon as I am done making and drinking the shake, I fill the blender jar with a cup of water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid and whizz it up in the blender for about 10 seconds. Then I rinse it instantly. The smell of protein shake is gone and I find this to be an easy routine to follow.

Along with running for The Children’s Society, I am also going to raise funds for them. Here’s a link to my fundraising page. Have a look and donate if you feel like  –

Vitality London1000 2017 with The Children’s Society

If you are residing in the UK and wish to help The Children’s Society in fundraising by taking on challenge events with them, click here.

running in London

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