YellowMellowLife’s 2015 Top 15 Activities to Do With Kids

2015 has challenged the mother inside me like never before. Surely the past had “terrible twos” and “troublesome threes.” They were loud and draining, but they were always manageable. Little B always came through as a child who understands logic and reasoning.

Up until 2015, when she turned 4 and the same logic that I gave to her, she started giving back to me. Nope, she was not just innocently or mischievously “repeating” what she has heard from me. She said it as if she meant every word of it. Her arguments were fact-laden, her determination was strong. She didn’t cry or wail as much, but she stood to her ground – logical and headstrong. It was ironical in a way, I always wanted her to be logical and headstrong. But now that she was actually turning out to be one, I just didn’t know how to react. I felt proud and I felt irritated.

She recently turned 5, right now she is a little mellow. I only wish her logic and headstrong personality grows and my ego and irritation diminishes.

Apart from tussles, I and Little B had a good year. We had a lot of mother-daughter bonding moments, we did a lot of projects together and learned a number of things on the way. According to WordPress statistics, these are YellowMellowLife’s best posts of 2015 from the “Activities Ideas With/For Kids” category.

YellowMellowLife’s 2015 Top 15 Activities to Do With Kids

1. Weekly Nature Walks – We Are Off to Find Treasures!

Often the simplest activities can turn out to be the best ones you do with your kids. Read about what treasures do we find when we take our evening stroll here.

Treasure walk for kids

2. Wobbly Bouncy Egg Experiment – Discovering Science at Home

Science is not in classroom, it is right here in our house. And science is not serious, it is fun. Read about what the crazy fun we had when we did an experiment at home here.

Naked egg experiment

3. Can You Skate, Can You Roll?

Read about the details of how Little B learned roller skating without a trainer here.

teaching inline and roller skating to a kid

4. DIY Cash Register Toy For Grocery Store Pretend Play

You know we love DIYs and making our own toys. Find the instructions to make a simple toy that kids will not get tired of playing with here.

Handmade Cash Register Toy For Grocery Store Pretend Play

5. Gift It! Card It! Bookmark It!

Origami fun! Read more here.

DIY corner bookmark

6. Let’s Make Art – Warli Painting For Kids

We should know our roots, right? Know how Little B fell in love with the tribal art of Warli here.

Warli painting for kids

7. Dragon Fruit Preparation and Planting – The Lesson of Wonder and Patience

We discovered a new fruit and tried planting it. If you like gardening, this one’s for you. More here.

dragon fruit preparation and planting

8. Little B’s How To Train Your Dragon Birthday Party – Happy 4th!

Little B’s last year’s birthday party was all about Vikings and dragons. If you are planning a similar party, you can find some inspiration here.

How To Train Your Dragon Birthday Party

9. Pirate Ship Out of the Cheapest Material Ever (Psst. It’s Newspaper)

It is one of those times, when we select a project too elaborate for us and then just get lost in doing it. Find what am I talking about here.

newspaper pirate ship play activity for kids

10. Fall in Love With Fall – Pumpkin Pie Spice Paint

A paint recipe that kids will love to make and will smell over and over again here.

pumpkin pie spice paint

11. Fall in Love With Fall – Autumn Nature Lover Crown

Once you make the Pumpkin Pie Spice Paint, you can use it for this project. More here.

Autumn leaf crown activity for kids

12. Let’s Fly, Fly Away! Ma and Little B’s Adventure at Aero India 2015

There are lots that parents can do with their kids at Air Show, read our adventures here.

kids at air show

13. What’s On Our Mind These Days? June Bugs!

Your kid loves bugs, but you say eww? Believe me, once you know these bugs better, you will start loving them instead. Read about June bugs here.

June beetles

14. Happy Father’s Day Everybody! And Happy International Yoga Day As Well!

Father’s Day and International Yoga Day coincided, so we decided to come up with some yoga poses that fathers can enjoy with their kids. Pick up your yoga mats and head over here.

Parents and kids yoga

15. Wanted on Voyage – A Paddington Bear Tissue Roll Craft

Easy peesy craft with the empty tissue roll. A must if your child loves Paddington Bear. To find the instructions, head over here.

Paddington bear tissue roll craft

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