Coconut Ice cream – Bangkok Street Food Inspired

Coconut Ice cream – Bangkok Street Food Inspired

Bangkok is a hot place. We traveled there in November expecting it to be pleasant. We were a little disappointed. The city was not like-an-oven-kind-of hot but it was not pleasant either. It was warm and humid.

To top it up, we were trying to travel around the city so that meant constantly feeling the wrath of the sun. However, there were two thing at almost every nook and corner of Bangkok that gave us a little respite from the weather – coconut water and coconut ice cream.

One day we were out exploring Wat Pho. We were all drained out on every last bit of energy we had when we saw a small pull cart selling this coconut ice cream. Just the snack we wanted on that hot day! The ice cream was of course cool and the flavor was fresh but what amazed us was the presentation.

Bangkok street food ice cream

Coconut Ice Cream from the Streets of Bangkok

The vendor had green coconuts cut in half. He was using these cut coconuts as the bowl for the ice cream.

Ice cream vendor scrapped the flesh inside the coconut bowls. This flesh or coconut cream was the bed or the first layer of the ice cream.

Then he scooped up ice cream from his bucket in nice rolls and placed them in the coconut bowl. There cannot be Thai food without peanuts! So those were added to the ice cream. The whole thing was topped with condensed milk.

Isn’t that a simple yet appealing way of serving coconut ice cream!

Thailand street coconut ice cream

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