No More Pulling Hair Over Little Bricks – Organize and Store Lego DIY Way

Sometimes I wonder if I am really that idle in life; at other times I wonder if I am really that thrifty.

Case in point, my latest craft expedition –  a Lego box – to organize and store Lego pieces. Why couldn’t I just buy one? Or am I such jobless that I wouldn’t mind devoting an entire evening to this?

The story goes like this –

Little B has a couple of different Lego sets. She has progressed from making one particular object from one particular set to using different sets to make a variety of objects. So every time she wants to play Lego, she wants to play with pieces from all the sets together. And every time she is done playing, I have to clean up by sorting and storing them in a couple of different ways. This storing was making me go mad!

Isn’t there an easier way to organize Lego which makes playing with it and cleaning afterwards simpler? Whether I was thrifty or idle, I had a real serious issue at hand. And yes, when you have Curious Case of Little B as your daughter, sorting Lego does becomes a “real serious issue.”

So this is what I did.

Organize and Store Lego DIY Way

Found an old packaging box.

organize and store Lego

Made segments inside it using cardboard strips from an another packaging box.

Lego storage idea

Glued strips with Fevicol and reinforced them with clear tape.

organize and store Lego

As you can see that the width of the strips is less than half of the height of the box. This is because I added another shelf to the box by combining two shoe box lids.

Lego storage idea

organize and store Lego DIY

Lego storage idea

All the box needed now was some decoration so that Little B knows which side is up.

Lego storage ideaYes we are currently obsessed with the recently-concluded Flugtag in Bangalore.

Now whatever my actual aim behind making this box was, I would say that I did a pretty decent job at creating it. A big high five to myself!

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3 Responses

  1. April 18, 2016

    […] only when our DIY attempt fails that we consider buying it. Case in point, the toy cash register, the Lego organizer and Little B’s 4th birthday party where I DIYed almost […]

  2. June 23, 2016

    […] made a gas stove, billing set, pirate ship, coin roller, Lego storage box and many more through our DIY projects. I found that cardboard is the best material when making such […]

  3. February 8, 2017

    […] Finally I made a Lego organiser for Little B using a cardboard box (it was better than what I had made for her in Bangalore). With all the blocks clearly organized and sorted according to what she preferred, Little B was finally able to play Lego for hours and hours, just like she always did. (You can read more about DIY Lego Organizer box here.) […]

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