Summer With YellowMellowLife – My Theme For #AtoZChallenge

Summer With YellowMellowLife – My Theme For #AtoZChallenge

What a year I am having! It has just been 3 months and yet it feels like a lot has happened!

Since the very first day of 2016, I was determined to get in better shape and try having a stronger body. It was my first ever Pinkathon 5K race that first gave me the reason, and later the confidence. My steps have been babyish and my improvement has been wee, however, my determination has been persistently steady.

Running also gives me emotional happiness because Mr B has become my running partner. If there ever was a fear in me somewhere that once we become parents, we would stop being husband and wife, well I have “ran” away from that fear. Mr B and I run together, that is our thing, our alone time, our date night, our world. And I feel thrilled just thinking about it.

I often talk about “making motherhood into a profession,” and this year has been all about that. I have started feeling strongly that I was born to be a mother and I don’t feel even an iota of hesitation while telling somebody that I am a stay at home mother. On the contrary, I scream it out loud and I am proud of myself for trying to be the best mother I could be.

Blogging and I have become inseparable and I feel lost if I don’t blog. I am crazily asking everyone to blog. A few of women from my circle of friends and those who follow me have even taken up blogging and are enjoying it. I feel humbled that I could inspire them in any which way.

The year already might seem a lot, but there is still 9 more months to go before we call 2016 a wrap. And so, there still are races to complete and mountains to climb.

One such mountaineering challenge that I have voluntarily signed up for this year is “Blogging From A to Z Challenge.” My blogging soul sister Freya from Life as Freya introduced the challenge to me and I fell in love with it at first sight. The challenge requires me to blog for 26 out of 30 days of April, thematically from A to Z. That means that I would be blogging every day in April except for Sundays!

Insane, right? But you know I love me some crazy!

The theme that I would be following for this challenge is Summer With YellowMellowLife. My 26 blogs would be dedicated to the summers, the season when I was born it, the season I often hate so much and yet the season I can’t live without. #summerwithYellowMellowLife would have everything that is quintessential YellowMellowLife. Think of something that you expect me doing in summers and bam! it would be there.

Want to spend 26 days of April reveling in #summerwithYellowMellowLife? Then come back here on 1st of April, the day it all begins!

Blogging from a to z challenge summer with yellowmellowlife

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