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I loved watching Chip and Dale as a kid. It was hilarious, like literally rolling on the floor laughing. I was amused by the duo of oh-so-very clever Chip and such-a-silly-sausage Dale; I loved their never-ending hide and seek showdown with Donald Duck, and was always fascinated with the nuts they ate.

I had never seen those nuts around in Delhi (or at least in the areas I went around). Much later, through books I guess, I found out that those nuts were acorns of oak trees. I couldn’t find an opportunity to have a close look at those nuts and of course with time I forgot all about my fascination with them.

It all came back when we moved to London last year. The city’s parks are filled with oak trees so one is bound to find fallen acorn nuts even when not looking. Finally, I was holding in my hands the nuts Chip and Dale have been taunting me with! And this was a great joy for me. LittleB and I must have made acorn nut piles a dozen times. We loved taking out their caps and wearing them on our thumbs calling them thumb caps. A lot of crazy memories involving acorn nuts and conkers were made this summer.

When I raided through my local park earlier, looking for things I can make Christmas ornaments out of, I picked up a handful of acorn caps as well.

Acorn Cap Toadstool Christmas Ornaments

And as I searched through Pinterest as to what do I want to do with them, I came across this amazing blog The Enchanted Tree which I found true to its name. It is indeed an enchanting blog and I am completely hooked at the moment. I found this acorn cap toadstool Christmas ornament at The Enchanted Tree blog and couldn’t stop myself from trying it. The Enchanted blog uses felt for the craft, I took a short way and used pompom balls instead.

Acorn Cap Toadstool Christmas Ornaments

Acorn Cap Toadstool Christmas Ornaments

You Will Need

Acorn caps

Mini white pompom balls (two balls for each cap)

Red and white paint (you can use watercolours as well)

Twine for the ornament

Hot Glue

handmade Christmas tree ornament

How to Go About It

Click below for the video tutorial for making the Acorn Cap Toadstool Christmas Ornament

Christmas tree craft

Acorn Cap Toadstool Christmas Ornaments

Did you love watching Chip and Dale as much as I did? Which cartoon character made you laugh hysterically? I would love to know in the comments below.

Complete set yet for my #25DaysofOrnaments Christmas craft Project for this year –

Day 1 – Twig and Ribbon Tree Christmas Ornament

Day 2 – Yarn Winter Hat Christmas Ornament

Day 3 – Stick Star Outdoor Christmas Ornament

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