Tea Light Snowman Christmas Ornament | #25DaysofOrnaments | Christmas Project 2017

I recently discovered the world of tea light crafts that I was simply oblivious to till now. Once I searched online and got some ideas, I realized that the possibilities to use them in various craft projects are endless.

So I had to incorporate at least one tea light ornament in my #25DaysofOrnaments Christmas Project 2017. And hence the Tea Light Snowman Christmas Ornament.

Tea Light Snowman Christmas Ornament

This one is fairly simple and requires just a few craft essentials – pipe cleaners, mini pompom balls, permanent markers, hot glue gun and an electric tea light.

And then it is as easy as just bringing everything together. Here’s the video tutorial to guide you through each step –

Tea Light Snowman Christmas Ornament

I am looking for more tea light craft ideas, got one to share?! Let me know in the comments below.
Complete set yet for my #25DaysofOrnaments Christmas craft Project for this year –
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  1. Rasya says:

    That looks so cute!

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