Stick Star Outdoor Christmas Ornaments | #25DaysofOrnaments | Christmas Project 2017

We made these Stick Star Outdoor Christmas Ornaments for a tree dressing event we were going to have at our local park today. The ornaments are rather simple and therefore I was planning not to write much about them. I reckoned I would wrap this post up in about hundred words or so.

However, something extremely swell happened at the tree dressing and I must share it with you. It wasn’t exactly one thing, it was more like a bit here and a bit there and together it all made my heart hum for the rest of the evening.

The weather was cold and as gloomy as London weather could be. As we reached there, we realised that contrary to what we guessed, it wasn’t a Christmas tree dressing but rather a cherry tree dressing.

I soon realised that this tree was perfect for this event. The cherry tree, at this time of the year, was all bare except for few flowers blooming at the edges of the branches. It was wider than it was tall and the lower branches were well within reach. The bark was split in two and hence it was easy to climb up the tree.

The park association had organized for ornaments; however, people brought their own ornaments. There were store-bought ornaments and handmade as well. A person brought a guitar and strummed a suitable tune.

Within minutes of starting, there were kids running and climbing all around the cherry tree to hang their ornament as high as they can.

It was quite a happy sight in the cold gloomy day. Take that winter!

Stick Star Outdoor Christmas Ornaments

Stick Star Outdoor Christmas Ornaments

Stick Star Outdoor Christmas Ornaments

handmade Christmas tree ornament

And these are the ornaments that we hanged –

Stick Star Outdoor Christmas Ornaments

And this is how we made them –

Stick Star Outdoor Christmas Ornaments

You Will Need

Twigs (preferably of same thickness)


Hot Glue

How to Go About It

These Stick Star Christmas Ornaments are perfect for hanging outdoors because they can withstand weather. I especially loved them because they give a nice touch of colour to the gloomy outdoors we have here on most days.

handmade Christmas tree ornament

Christmas tree craft

Try this craft at home and share your creations in the comments down below. If there is an ornament that you want me to try making, let me know that as well.

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