Pine Cone Santa Christmas Ornament | #25DaysofOrnaments | Christmas Project 2017

Just so that you guys know, I myself rained over my own #25DaysofOrnaments parade by biting much much more than I can chew. My second name should be ‘over-ambition’ because that is what I am most of the time. Too much ambition shouldn’t be a problem if I could keep up with it. So do I keep up with it? Sometimes yes, but mostly no. Only if I could force myself to concentrate on just one thing at a time. Well, New Year is around the corner and looks like I have a resolution to work on.

But coming back to #25Daysof Ornaments. In my defence, December is probably the busiest month for me. It is the month of LittleB’s birthday and hence the number of things to be organised and planned and worked upon is ridiculously high. Just to give you a peek, I have baked 3, yes 3 cakes in the last 10 days, with one of the cakes being a roulade.

cappuccino roulade

I know I should have thought about all these permutations and combinations before committing myself, but then that wouldn’t have been “Bhawna-like,” would it?

So the story is that I did make almost 25 different sorts of Christmas ornaments (maybe even a couple more), however, I could find no time to blog about it. And hence the whole chain got broken. But now I am here and I am going to try my best to revive what I can.

This Pine Cone Santa Christmas Ornament is kind of a best out of nature’s waste ornament. Remember all the things that I hoarded off my local park? I found some pine cones which were small and still pretty much closed. But they looked craft-worthy and I decided to give them a try.

Needless to say, just like with every other craft I did this December, even this one’s super easy and just requires a few materials.

Pine Cone Santa Christmas Ornaments

You Will Need

Pine cones which are small and preferable conical in shape

Red felt

Pom pom balls

Small jingle bells


Hot glue gun

Piece of paper

How to Go About It

Making a pine cone Santa Christmas ornament is as easy as watching this video –

I sometimes understand better with videos and probably you too. So I am making video tutorials for my craft, hoping that they will serve you guys better. Let me know if you prefer the videos or the pic-by-pic kind-of tutorials I did earlier.

Pine Cone Santa Christmas Ornament

Have you tried any Christmas craft this season yet? Do share it in the comments below.

Complete set yet for my #25DaysofOrnaments Christmas craft Project for this year –

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2 Responses

  1. Kumamonjeng says:

    Wow…i collect pine cone when i travel so now i know how to dress them

    • Bhawna Saini says:

      you collect pine cones! how awesome does that sounds! actually you are the first person I know who collects pinecones while travelling! I am glad my post was helpful to you. Let’s keep in touch!

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